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Photo Essay - The Peak District

The Peak District is one of my favourite places of natural beauty in the UK – I have spent many days driving the roads, exploring, and photographing this stunning landscape and always manage to find somewhere new. As I live only an hour's drive from this national park I can easily hop in the car and spend an afternoon in the peaks if the weather is up to scratch.

This particular journey took me to the Dark Peak which is in the northern part of the Peak District, to a natural gritstone Tor called Higger Tor. I found a car park near a public walkway and spent several hours exploring the countryside and taking some photographs. The landscape was full of autumn colours and the rock formations of the Tor were fun to climb over and around, the weather held out and although it was cloudy in places and overcast, the sun burst through at the right times to give good lighting and contrast to my photos.

Autumn coloured Heather and Moss cover the rocks and peaks

The Peak District has vast areas of moorland and peaks, many of which are covered with Heather and moss like in the above photo; This plant life will change colour from season to season and give the landscape contrast.

A small forest stands in the midst of a swathe of Autumn scenery

I love the colours of Autumn - In the summer and spring this photo would look completely different with many more shades of Green, whereas Oranges, Browns and Reds give this scene a more sombre and subtle beauty.

Brightly coloured fields and hills in the Peak District

The weather plays a huge part in photographing landscapes - As you can see from this photo, the clouds had parted somewhat and the sun was bursting through which enhanced the colours and brightness.

Water pools form on rock formations in the Peak District

Sometimes close-up shots like this can tell more of a story than wide angle landscapes shots can - From this we have the detail of the rock formation, the reflection and colour of the water pools, the small patches of heather, and a glimpse of the Peaks in the distance.

Rock formations of Higger Tor

The rocks in the peak district all have a worn look; the edges aren't jagged but smooth and rounded, this will be a result of exposure to the elements and rain water over the years. The constant barrage will steadily wear down the rocks and create the smooth flowing shapes we see today.

Strange rock formations on Higger Tor

I literally have no idea how these rock formations on Higger Tor would have been created, or formed in the bizarre shapes and arrangements they have. It looks as if a giant has just picked them up and stacked them on top of each other - Nature really is a marvel.

Stunning landscape of the Peak District

How could anyone not think this scene is just beautiful? The variety of colours are sublime, the oranges, greens, yellows and also the blues in the sky are really vivid and bring this photo to life.

Sun beats down on the rocks creating great colour and contrast

The Peak District is a pleasure to photograph, with scenes like this it makes photography easy and interesting. The rock formations provided great subjects and the shapes and different sizes created great angles and compositions.

Epic landscape of the Peak District and Higger Tor

I walked for miles through the hills and the peaks and could have easily spent longer there, I just find the outdoors captivating and love nothing more than trudging through the wild with my camera without a care in the world.

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