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Photo Essay - The Peak District, Derbyshire

The sun is beating down through my windscreen, the fresh country air is gusting through the open windows, "house of the rising sun" by the Animals is pumping through the speakers, while the green and picturesque fields and valleys of the Peak District rush past me in a haze.

I knock it down a gear and accelerate into the corner, the car grips tightly to the road, the rev-counter is flickering with delight, the engine gives a contented purr, I gain speed flying out of the corner and onto a straight - Where should I go next? Should I take the next left? I wonder where that road leads too? So many possibilities on the open road, all I need is my car, my camera, and a lust for adventure - my imagination will take care of the rest.

Have you ever felt like this? If not, you're missing out - Just try it, head out somewhere new, take your camera, have fun, enjoy the journey, enjoy your surroundings. For me, driving out into the Peak District was a genuine pleasure - I got to have a fun and intense drive through some beautiful scenery, burn off some calories with a walk in the sun, and take some (what I consider to be) great photos of the surroundings.

The Peak District is located in Derbyshire (central England), and contains some of the countries most beautiful scenery, together with some idyllic English towns such as Bakewell and Buxton. The area I covered on my trip was mainly around Hathersage, Chatsworth, and Higger Tor.

Rock formations in an area called the Surprise View

I love climbing rock formations like this, it was fun to fool around jumping from one rock to the next without smashing my camera!

A boulder perched on Rocks in the Peak District

I was instantly drawn to this rock - To me it looks as if someone has purposefully placed it there, it just doesn't look natural! I spent quite a while photographing this rock from different angles as it was such an interesting piece.

I love the colours of the boulder and surrounding moss/heather

Another shot of this out of place rock - Surely someone has put it there? What act of nature could make such a formation? Surely erosion wouldn't have caused this? I wonder what this area looked like thousands of years ago?

Walking up to the Mother Cap

This small rock was sticking out in the middle of a footpath I was walking on, I took this shot mainly to give me a respite from the gruelling climb up the side of the hill I was attempting!

View across from the Mother Cap

This particular landscape of the Peak District reminds me greatly of the Lord of the Rings - I could imagine an army passing through this rocky area, or sending their scouts to the high outcrops to spy the road ahead.

A Milestone and The Mother Cap in the background

This is possibly my favourite photo - I love the different perspective of the Milestone and the Mother Cap. Milestones are dotted around the Peak District to give reference to walkers and (I'm assuming) in days past to farmers and people traversing the land in the absence of a structured road system.

Strange rock formation near the Mother Cap

The sun was shining perfectly during my ramblings through the Peak District - If I caught it at the right angle, the exposed rock faces would be lit up with a gentle golden glow as shown in this photo.

Beautiful view across the Peaks and Stannage Edge

The small village to the left of this sprawling landscape is Hathersage - People flock to this place and make it their base to explore the surrounding areas of the Hope and Derwent valleys.

Climbing up to the top for panoramic views

I climbed to the top of the rock formation to enjoy the stunning views - The wind was really strong at the top and the videos I took really showed this. It was bliss to just perch on one of the rocks and admire nature at it's finest.

The countryside in all its glory

The brown heather and moss form a stark contrast to the various hues of green seen surrounding Hathersage - later in the year this heather will turn to a brilliant purple colour.

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