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Photo Essay - Khao Lak, Thailand

Photo Essay - Khao Lak, Thailand

Khao Lak is a series of towns in the province of Phang Nga in Southern Thailand. During the ill-fated Tsunami of 2004, the Khao Lak region was devastated and suffered some of the worst damage and casualties with over 4,000 deaths. Since then, the region has undergone a resurgence and now boasts some world-class resorts and a booming economy that is steadily getting back on its feet with the help of tourism.

When myself and Lauren travelled to Thailand in 2017, we based ourselves in Khao Lak and stayed at the amazing Apsara Beach Resort and Villas. We loved this area - it offered a superb mix of gorgeous beaches, beautiful landscapes and interesting local life. We visited the night market, enjoyed the night life, lazed on the beach and generally had a fantastic time here. For anyone wanting a relaxing Thailand experience with a dash of adventure then we feel Khao Lak is the perfect destination. The following photos show what Khao Lak is all about!

Sipping a Tiger Beer on Khao Lak Beach

During our down days in Khao Lak we would mainly find a nice spot on the beach across from our hotel and relax. We felt Khao Lak offered a fantastic mix of authentic Thai culture, interesting tours, and beautiful beaches. Here you can see we are sunbathing and enjoying a Tiger Beer and a Gin & Tonic from the Memories Beach Bar.

Walking along Khao Lak Beach at sunset

We had several walks along Khao Lak Beach and it was truly peaceful - the beach wasn't over crowded and there wasn't any annoying salesmen trying to flog cheap gear. Here you can see the sun setting - the temperatures were still beautiful and the sand was soft and pleasant to walk through.

Enjoying the sights, sounds and smells of the Bang Niang Night Market

You can read about our experience at the Bang Niang Night Market in Khao Lak here. This was one of my most favourite experiences of the trip and I really enjoyed seeing some authentic Thai produce and tasting some delicious street food. We walk through the night market for ages, enjoyed a beer, ate some gorgeous spring roles and ambled through the various stalls.

Mopeds for hire on the main strip of Khao Lak

In Khao Lak itself, the town has a laid back feel and is not like some of the other hectic Thai destinations. The main street has a steady trickle of traffic and a mix of locals and tourists walking down the streets. There are plenty of souvenir stalls and places to hire mopeds as seen in the above photo – we didn't have the courage to hire one though so we stuck with the traditional taxis instead to get back to the hotel!

Taxi service on the main strip of Khao Lak

Practically everywhere you visit in this region of Thailand has this type of open-back taxi. In Khao Lak, the taxi service is fantastic and well organised. The drivers never try to rip you off and if you are travelling from one of the main hotels, there is generally a set rate so make sure you find it our beforehand. For us I think it was 300 Baht per journey from our hotel to the town centre which wasn't bad at all really.

Shanty town facilities at the back of Khao Lak Beach

Khao Lak beach was a strange place – the beach itself was absolutely beautiful and the sand and sea were perfect. Lining the beach was a small jungle/forest and within this wooded area there was a shanty town of shorts – we never quite found out what this place was but it looked to be connected to memories beach bar. The people looked happy enough but as you can see from the photo above, they weren't exactly living and working in luxury.

Campervan parked up outside Khao Lak Beach

We saw this cool campervan most days and it always had the boot open – just another of the mysteries surrounding Khao Lak beach. This whole area was fascinating and there was many different shacks, stalls and huts of varying qualities.

Typical scene at Khao Lak Beach

This was our view for most of our beach days – clear blue skies with a small dashing of cloud fronted by golden sands and interesting patterns left by the crabs. We loved Khao Lak beach and there was nothing better than lying back on the sun lounger, watching the surfers and letting our body and minds rest.

Immense sunset at Khao Lak Beach

This is practically the only sunset we caught but I made sure we did! We could tell that it was going to be a beautiful sunset so we grabbed our cameras and phones and headed onto the beach – many other people had the same idea as us! It was fascinating watching how the colour of the sky changed and how the birds waded in the water attempting to catch the crabs that were surfacing.

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