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Photo Essay - Heidelberg and the Neckar River, Germany

The Neckar river stretches for 228 miles through Germany. It is considered a major tributary of the Rhine and has its main source in the Black Forest. Other towns that this river cross through aside fro Heidelberg include Stuttgart, Mannheim and Esslingen.

During our Christmas trip to Heidelberg, I took various photographs of the town, its architecture and the surrounding landscape. I couldn't help but notice how the Neckar played a huge role in shaping these photographs and also the importance it had on the town itself. Many of the photos I took contained the river in some way and the colours, contrasts and compositions it offered were fantastic.

The below selection are several of my favourite photos related to the Neckar river - These shots (except the last one) were mainly taken in an hour time gap when the sun was at a brilliant height and bathed the whole town in some wonderful soft colours.

The old centre of Heidelberg as seen from the castle

The view from the castle and the Konigstuhl was amazing and the Neckar was a recurring feature in my photos from these vantage points. Here you can see the old town centre, the Heiliggeistkirche and the Alte Brucke bridge that spans the river.

The majestic Alte Brucke bridge and the reflective Neckar river

Also known as the Karl Theodor Bridge, the Alte Brucke is the most stunning bridges that crosses the Neckar in Heidelberg. Constructed in 1788 it has a total length of 656ft - Many statues adorn the bridge that are made from Neckar Valley sandstone. We enjoyed walking across the bridge, taking some photos, and watching everyone else take selfies.

Houses and hotels on the opposite side of the Neckar river

The far side of the Neckar is much quieter immediately opposite Heidelberg's old town centre. It is not until you get further down the river until you see more development and industrialisation. In the setting run, the buildings you can see in this photo were really emphasised and the oranges and yellows gave the whole scene a vibrant glow.

A side of two contrasts - Shade and sunshine

I like in this photo have you can truly tell where the sun is setting - On the left hand side, you have a beautiful golden glow flowing over the buildings and mountain; however on the right hand side, the colours are much more muted and you can tell that the sun has set on this side of the Neckar river. And added bonus is the moon that can be seen clearly in the skyline on right hand side.

The sun sets on Heidelberg and lowers behind the buildings in the old town

This photo is shot looking across the other stretch of the Neckar river and towards the setting sun. Again you can see the contrast in the shade and the sunlight. During this time of the year the sun really did set quickly and this scene didn't last for long - We were soon engulfed in darkness and admiring the beautiful Christmas lights.

A statue at the far end of the Alte Brucke bridge

I do not know who the people are depicted in this statue, but I did love the colours that were cast on the stone from the setting sun. The trees in the background have fantastic golden highlights, and the statue has a great contrast - One side is bathed in sunlight, whilst the other is wreathed in shadow from the approaching darkness. If anyone knows the significance of this statue on the Alte Brucke bridge I would love to know!

The famous Alte Brucke bridge lit up at night

As we walked through the streets of Heidelberg admiring the lights, I was hoping to get the chance to try and take a half decent photo of the bridge. Luckily I persuaded Lauren and we headed down to the water. It was freezing cold but I managed to take a half decent long exposure shot by resting the camera on a stone wall. I love the reflection in the water and how it lights up the underside of the bridge arches.

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