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Photo Essay – Hardwick Hall and park, Derbyshire

As a child, I was lucky enough to have parents who encouraged me to be active and enjoy the outdoors – We would go out often at the weekend for walks around such local places as Rufford, Newstead Abbey, Teversal trail and Hardwick, and enjoy time together either admiring the scenery or playing sports like cricket and football in the park grounds. I believe it is important for children to be active and not live a life dominated by technology and television.

One of our regular favorites was "Hardwick" (When I refer to Hardwick I actually mean the parkland that surrounds Hardwick hall). Hardwick was literally a 15 minute drive from my first home, down some crazy tight and winding country roads – Going back there at the weekend was such a blast from the past and so much fun – I had forgot how many fond memories I have of the place.

Hardwick Hall was built for Bess of Hardwick who was at the time the second wealthiest woman in England

I have never taken photographs at Hardwick before so it was really enjoyable to capture some of the places I have roamed during my childhood, and try to show the beauty of the parkland and countryside.

A Canadian Goose at the waters edge

Hardwick has several lakes and ponds, most of which have a population of Canada Geese, they defecate everywhere and can have a temper but I think they are a beautiful, regal looking animal.

Sheep eyeing me up while having a get together on the road

There are many fields with sheep in Hardwick and often the fields don't have boundaries or are dissected by roads – These two characters eyed me up warily before trotting off down the hillside.

The green fields surrounding Hardwick Hall

Hardwick is surrounded by rolling hills and green fields tended to by herds of sheep, they would all stop and stare at me as I walked through the fields, until I got close, at which point they would steadily trot away to safety.

A bare tree that had shed it's leaves ready for winter

Most of the trees were still in full bloom and just showing the faintest glimmer of the approaching change in season, except this particular tree that looked rather forlorn and bare.

Beautiful scented flowers

In the gardens of the Hall grounds there were many different varieties of flowers - I did read their names but can't remember which name belonged to which photo - Very beautiful though.

Flowerbeds leading up to Hardwick Hall

There are rows of flowerbeds like this one that were really interesting to walk down and admire the varieties of flowers and plants.

Some exotic bright pink flowers creating a beautiful pattern

The ranges of colours displayed in the flowers were exceptional, and they were all really vivid hues like the pink flowers displayed in this photo.

A strange pink flower shaped like a Sera Urchin

I loved the shape and the patterns created in the flowers like the pointed edges of this pink flowers - They reminded me of a sea urchin!

Beautiful gardens leading up to the Hall

Hardwick Hall boasts some beautiful gardens with a host of flowers, trees and colourful plant life that are great to photograph.

Grass lined walkways in the gardens

There were many walkways like this through the gardens, I waited to get this shot until no one was in the picture - Took quite some time as everyone was doing the same as me!

A moody black and white shot of the old Hardwick Hall ruins

This black and white photo was taken inside the ruins of the old Hardwick Hall - This hall stands close to the current hall - You can go inside and there is information about the old structure and rooms.

A moody black and white shot of the old Hardwick Hall ruins

The ruins were perfect for black and white photos, so much contrast, shadow and light to play with - I felt for this particular photo, black and white looked much better than the colour version, the photo just has so much more depth.

View from the top of the old Hardwick Hall

This photo was taken right at the top of the old Hardwick Hall, I was surprised how high you could get up, the views were really fantastic and you could see why the hall was built in this location.

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