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Photo Essay - Rapeseed in the English Countryside

The perfect day arrived for photography - It was warm, sunny, with a slight breeze, and a dashing of cloud in the sky. I knew what I wanted to photograph - Farmland surrounds the small town I live in, and during the spring months the fields are full of rapeseed (A yellow plant that is used to make vegetable oil); I had already missed my chance the previous year so I was determined to take the first opportunity to photograph the beautiful landscapes these plants create.

I had a great time driving down the country lanes and exploring, pulling up in lay-bys and ditches, walking through the fields and generally enjoying being outside. If you're doing anything like this just be wary of walking on the fields - Technically you are trespassing, so be prepared to either run, or have an explanation if you see an angry farmer coming your way!

Rapeseed is used to create vegetable oil, and the UK is one of the greatest producers

The tree in the right of this photo provides a focal point on the skyline and shows how not all things have started to blossom yet in springtime. I like the diagonal lines created in this photo by the hedges and fields.

Rapeseed fields dissected by hedges and a fun country road

I like the sweeping lines in this photo, and how the scene is divided into rapeseed, grass, then road. I had to wait to get this photo right as vehicles kept photo-bombing me at ridiculous speeds!

Close-up of the Rapeseed plants - They have a sickly smell

I love the bright yellows of the rapeseed, they really give photos a punch and vibrancy; I climbed into a field to get this shot and took it from a low down angle, there were dozens of tiny flies buzzing around the plants.

I was always expecting someone to jump out at me here haha!

Again I had crouched down in the middle of one of the tractor paths through this rapeseed field - The tractors tyre tracks created a nice effect on the ground.

Great colours and sweeping lines in this Rapeseed field

I like the simplicity of this photo, it's not overly complicated, or too busy but it has clear divisions, great colours and the lines create a nice flow.

Beautiful bright Rapeseed plants split by a tractor's path

In most of these scenes there is not a great variety of colour, but the yellows, greens and blues that are displayed are lovely and vivid - I found it hard to get the contrast right, and with some shots I had to under-expose as the bright yellows of the rapeseed were quite overwhelming.

Where does this footpath lead too?

These public footpath signs are becoming less common in England due to our growing population and need for residential space so it was nice to capture this photo - I wonder where that path leads too?

Love how this road cuts through the fields

The scenes and compositions were so easy to make for these photos - I mean come on, how perfectly does this road split the two fields? The road curves at the right point while the green hedges add even more depth and colour.

Please obey the designated speed limit at all times!

I drove past this speed sign initially (At 30 of course :p), but I had to stop and take a photo of it - It sat perfectly against a backdrop of the rapeseed fields and the dash of red colour made it stand out even more.

Why do we get random trees in the middle of fields?

I walked down into this field to get a photo of the tree, but I preferred this wide angle shot of the tree and the grass leading up to it - The diagonal lines create an amazing leading flow and I love the split of the green and yellow.

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