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I was itching to try out my new Canon EOS-M, so got in the car and drove out into the countryside along winding roads lined with fields full of golden corn and lush greenery. I knew several spots that would provide great opportunities, so pulled up, got out and started shooting in the blissful August sun.

I live in the East Midlands of England - No one outside of the UK really knows our beautiful and verdant centre of the country exists (come on, you had to Google it didn't you?) - Were just a no mans land in-between the all consuming capital and the idyllic Yorkshire landscape that so many are drawn to. It's a shame as the East Midlands is a beautiful area and I have been lucky to have rolling fields and forests at my doorstep. Hopefully the photos below will give you an idea of how picturesque it can be - Enjoy!

Comments are welcome and I always appreciate critique on my work - I strive to improve in anyway possible!

The English countryside is full of beautiful fields such as this that look simply divine in the Sun and summertime

Golden Corn fields provide great subjects to shoot - This particular one had some interesting lines and trim that gave it depth, the foreground hedge and background sky/clouds create layers and dimension.

Clear sky's with a scattering of cloud in the setting sun create a beautiful effect

I'm not sure what these plants are but they created a great foreground subject - using a large aperture to keep only the plant in focus, while giving a vivid but out of focus background. To give the photo more depth, I angled the shot, creating diagonal lines and ensured the telegraph lines were in view in the top corner.

Golden corn fields surrounded by wild protective hedges

I am lucky to have countryside such as the above photo a mere 5 minutes drive from home - living in a small semi-rural village definitely has it's perks; During each season the landscape alters dramatically, from lush greenery in the spring and summer, to beautiful golden bursts of colour in Autumn and finally, the bare withering cold of winter.

Hiding in the corn fields from angry English farmers and their dogs ;)

I shot this low down in the corn as opposed to my other more generic angled shots; One of the best tips I have learnt is to see the world from a different angle - get down on the floor, get up close, climb up higher, experiment and don't just take photos from the standing pose.

Golden Corn bathing in the later afternoon rays of August

I love shooting landscapes bathed in sunlight; I love the display of colours and how everything has a serene glow or subtle golden hint. In most of the shots I took on this drive, the sun also gave a pleasant hue to the underside of the clouds.

A tractor leaves it's telltale mark in the corn field

I have learnt that having a particular subject that draws attention or leads the viewers eye is important in photography - the deep and dark tractor tracks in the Corn field serve this purpose and lead your eye down the field.

Don't point your camera directly into the sun!!!!!! (idiot)

It is usually not a good idea to shoot in direct sunlight - I am not 100% sure about this photo; the glare from the sun creates a nice effect and lights up the corn field, but I still have my reservations about the overall finish?

I really should find out what this plant is, any ideas?!

Similar to a previous shot but more of the foreground undergrowth is in focus here; the hedges surrounding the fields in this rural area are kept in good condition and regularly trimmed, however the undergrowth bordering the fields is often wild and overgrown.

Strange clouds in this shot - almost look like cgi?

The fields are often fenced off if not bordered by hedges, and you can see some faint signs of civilisation in the background. Once you get into the real countryside of the East Midlands, towns become scarce and the main population consists of farmers or small villages with a handful of houses.

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