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The Michelangelo Hotel, Manhattan - New York

During my second visit to the great New York City, I stopped in the awesome Michelangelo Hotel. We travelled to the Big Apple for a pre-Christmas holiday - from the 19th to the 23rd. When choosing a hotel I had two things in mind - location and comfort. As we only had 4 full days to explore, I wanted a hotel in Manhattan, and ideally in Midtown. Furthermore, I wanted something that both Lauren and I could feel comfortable in and get a decent nights sleep - The Michelangelo happened to meet this criteria perfectly!

Front facade of The Michelangelo Manhattan

Location - This was the best feature of the hotel in my opinion. The Michelangelo is located on the corner of 7th Avenue and 51st Street - this is practically a perfect location. Within walking distance you have:

  • Rockefeller Center
  • Top of the Rock (Observation Deck)
  • Times Square
  • Radio City Music Hall
  • Broadway
  • Central Park

All of the above are between a 5-15 minute walk! Furthermore, there is a subway station close and great connections to Lower Manhattan. In terms of dinning and restaurants, we only had to walk a few blocks to find some great places such as Junior's, TGI Friday's and our favourite breakfast Deli, Toasties. If you want a hotel that gives you convenience then this is certainly an amazing choice!

Front facade of The Michelangelo Manhattan

Accommodation - The accommodation itself was fabulous. If I would use one word to describe it, I would call it decadent. It looked beautiful - the fixtures and fitting were opulent and it just felt high quality. The lobby was grand and spacious, and the doormen were attentive and helpful (they obviously wanted a tip, but that's how it seems to go in NYC!).

Corridors of the Michelangelo Hotel Manhattan Main lobby entrance of the Michelangelo Hotel Manhattan, New York

Our room was just as well equipped and furnished. It had a spacious main living area complete with a double bed, TV, bedside cabinets, mini bar and several comfortable chairs. There was also a large wardrobe complete with a safe and iron. The bathroom had a separate dressing room - Lauren loved this as she had loads of space to do her makeup! Within the bathroom there was a large bath with shower and plenty of space for our toiletries etc. We couldn't fault it at all - it was clean and immaculate!

Dressing room perfect for Lauren! Huge bath perfect for a soak! Main bedroom area, excuse the mess!

We didn't use the bar or breakfast facilities so I can't really comment on what they were like. We did use the mini bar though - wish I would have checked the bloody prices first! A can of Coca Cola was $8! I mean come on? In England you can buy a Coke for less than a pound!!! That's literally the only drawback of this hotel - the mini bar prices were extortionate - I guess you will find that in most hotels in central Manhattan though - we should have just checked the price list first!

Main and grand lobby of the Michelangelo

Overall, we both thought The Michelangelo was amazing. It really did help make our New York adventure that much more enjoyable and comfortable - I am glad I picked it!


Generally I was more than pleased with the Hotel Icefiord - It wasn't outstanding in any one area but more than adequate all around and I couldn't have asked for more. The staff were polite and spoke fluent English, while the terrace that overlooked the bay was a beautiful place to relax and enjoy a drink. If you are travelling to Ilulissat I would recommend this hotel without hesitation!

Location5 star
Accommodation5 star
Food & Drink3 star
Staff5 star
Value for money4 star
Overall4.5 star
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