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Photo of the Day - Grey Heron at King's Mill Reservoir

Grey Heron takes a dip at King's Mill Reservoir
  • Title - Grey Heron takes a dip at King's Mill Reservoir
  • Location - King's Mill Reservoir, Nottinghamshire
  • Camera - Canon EOS-M

Only a short drive from my place of work, there is a large reservoir that I often take walks around. The scenery is beautiful and there is a wide range of different birds that live and nest on the lake including Swans and Geese. Until a couple of months ago, I didn't realise that there was actually a small river that runs from the northern edge of the reservoir - the remnants of the River Maun.

At the side of this river there is a beautiful footpath that is shaded by fantastic trees. People come here to fish and to simply admire the scenery. To access the river area you have to walk through a gap in a hedge and under the old viaduct. Once you pass under the bridge, you enter another world. It feels so peaceful here and you really forget that you are only minutes away from a busy dual carriage road.

Nesting in the trees on the opposite side of the river to the footpath are several families of Grey Heron. I am completely fascinated by this bird and I just love to watch them in the water - they are so slow, purposeful and graceful. When they walk in the water, they take careful and meaningful steps. When they watch for fish they stand utterly still. This breed of large bird can reach up to 10mm in height - they are huge!

After many days of missed opportunities, I finally took my camera to the river and managed to snap some photos of the Herons. This is undoubtedly my favourite - the bird looks so thoughtful and deep in concentration.

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