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Photo of the Day - Underage Rock peddler in Petra

Underage Rock peddler in Petra
  • Title - Underage Rock peddler in Petra
  • Location - Petra, Jordan
  • Camera - Canon EOS-M

This is one of my most thought-provoking photos to date, and even though it is not the most visually stunning I still regard it highly in my collection. During my time in Jordan I visited the ancient site of Petra - It was fantastic and I loved every second of it, except perhaps the moment I captured this shot.

Throughout the ruins of Petra there are numerous stalls run by the locals selling crafts and other items to tourists - They are generally not pushy and let you look around their stalls with little hassle. I brought a metal bracelet from one of the vendors as a keepsake from my trip to Jordan.

As we were walking through the ruins and canyons we came across a small stall, not like any of the others we had seen - A small boy who must have been no older than 5 was selling rocks, it was heart wrenching. I couldn't believe it, it was so sad and really made me feel for the little guy. He was a little scruffy, with some sand and dirt on his face, his clothes looked a little worn, and the rocks he was selling were clearly just picked up from the ground surrounding him. Was it a clever setup designed to create an image of desperation and forlornness by the parents? Or was this boy really surviving by selling these dusty rocks for hours on end in the baking heat? We will probably never know, but that image stuck with me and made me think of all the children in the world who haven't had the comfortable upbringing that I had. Travelling really does open your eyes and make you realise how lucky we are!

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