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Photo of the Day - 10.02.15 - A perfect English summer scene

About the setting

The setting for this particular photo of the day was the grounds of Thoresby Hall in Nottinghamshire. The Thoresby estate was established by the 2nd Earl of Kingston during the 1600's and the first culmination of the house was built around 1670. The house is now owned by Warner Leisure Hotels and is a Hotel & Spa; but the grounds remain open to the public and are still owned by the descendents of the Earl's of Kingston and are a popular place for walking.

What makes this photo stand out?

I will admit, it's not an extremely interesting subject - It is quite a typical English countryside landscape, nothing flashy or over the top. So why do I like it and what makes it a stand out photo? Firstly, the colours are really strong - The golden wheat field on the right, the dark blue & purple of the skies and the various shades of brilliant green in the grass, trees and water reeds all give the photo dimension and life. Secondly, the leading line of the river gently takes your eye through the photo - Starting at the bottom and arching through the trees to the fields on the far right - It gives the photo a focal point. Finally I love the highlights that the sun produces on the edges of the trees, water reeds lining the river, and the tips of the wheat - This gives the photo an extra layer of depth that would otherwise be missing on a dull day with little light.

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