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Days gone by – Memories of Ibiza

Although I have only been travelling seriously for the past 4 years, I have been lucky enough to have enjoyed many family holidays during my childhood; from Caravan holidays in Wales, to beach holidays in Cornwall and road trips in Northern France. I believe these vacations helped fuel my wanderlust and desire to visit new places; I would always look forward to the trips, and to my imaginative young mind they would feel like a huge adventure.

I am the youngest in my family with an older brother who is two years my senior

One of the earliest memories I have of what I would consider travelling "properly" abroad was a family holiday to Ibiza in 2000 (14 years ago bloody hell!!) – Quite a different holiday to the trip I will be taking back to the island this September (Stag do for aforementioned older brother!). We had previously been to France several times, but this was the first time I was actually flying to a different country! (Major excitement overload). I remember the sensation of the plane accelerating on the runway and the initial lurch as the wheels left the ground – I felt a little sick, but generally loved it; I was in the air, heading for Ibiza!

The old Ibiza town

We stopped in the relatively quiet area of Playa d'en Bosa (compared to the clubcentric San Antonio bay) in your typical holiday resort hotel complete with pools, bars and some sports facilities – To me the whole place felt like another world. My brother and I even got to have our own hotel room – This was simply unheard of, you cannot imagine how awesome this was – Uninterrupted freedom from our beloved parents was like winning the lottery (I would like to point out that I love my parents dearly, but when you are teenagers you do anything to get away from them!).

Main pool area and bar

Back then our family holidays were simple, infact life was much simpler in general, I was 14; what the hell did I have to worry about? In some ways I wish that my travels today were simpler, but then I think that the adventure and planning is all part of the buzz. My days in Ibiza consisted of:

  • Playing in the pool (mainly throwing balls with no regard for safety)
  • Reading a book while sunbathing on a lounger
  • Walks to the beach
  • Digging ridiculously large holes on said beach
  • Urinating in the sea (Come on you've done it too ^_^)

The holes me and my brother dug were the stuff of legend, seriously, were not talking about trifling little holes here, were talking about holes that were bigger and deeper than us! If you were to walk by you would just see two spades wildly throwing sand out and covering anything that stupidly got in our way. Why did we do it? No idea! It was just fun and also a challenge to stop the hole from caving in. I often wonder if anyone was unfortunate enough to miss their footing and fall into one of our chasms?

Taking a mouthfull of water to smile for the camera

We did also venture to the old Ibiza town to do a little bit of sight-seeing, but nothing compared to the day long extravaganzas I do these days. I thoroughly enjoyed this holiday, and I can remember how in-awe my friends were that I was going to such an exotic place as Ibiza (lolz?). Spring forward to the present and my travels couldn't be more different; hectic, packed full of sight-seeing, fun activities and nights out - A far cry from the peaceful and relaxing holidays my family shared like Ibiza. Would I change any of it? Definitely not!

It's a hard life you know

I would love to hear about your early holidays and travels; what is the earliest trip abroad you can remember? What kind of holidays did you take growing up?

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