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My travel keyring collection

Travel keyrings from around the world – My Collection

I have been lucky enough to travel to 5 of the 6 continents, over 25 different countries and a myriad of cities and towns. Aside from my photography and memories, I have also collected a variety of trinkets and souvenirs. I know that these things are tacky and have little to no value, but to me they are important and I enjoy heading into the typical tourist souvenir shops and picking out a couple of well-chosen items. One of my favorite items to purchase is a travel keyring – over many years I have gathered a fantastic collection of keyrings from all corners of the world – they are like treasure to me!

This article shares with you my keyring collection together with the criteria I use for choosing them from each city I travel too – enjoy!

My jumble of travel keyrings!

My keyring selection criteria

I try to purchase a keyring in every new city I visit – unfortunately I have only started doing this in the last few years therefore there are some countries and cities that I have missed! That being said, I still have an awesome collection that I am proud of! I try to choose a keyring based on the following criteria:

  • I should purchase a keyring for each new major city I visit
  • The keyring should have the country flag if possible
  • The keyring should also state the city name
  • If it doesn't state the city name, it should have something that represents the city

I try to follow this selection criteria, but I will also choose a keyring that I like the look of and find appealing. Finally, I also try and purchase a keyring only from a typical tourist souvenir stall – you know the types – they are full with tacky trinkets and you can find the exact same items in another shop 100 yards down the road – but this is part of the fun for me!

My travel keyring collection

Below is my travel keyring collection in all its glory! I have added a photo of the keyring, and next to that is a photo I have taken from the city/destination in question!

Italy, Rome Italy, Rome Greenland Greenland Italy, Venice Italy, Venice Italy, Rome Italy, Rome England, London England, London Krakow, Poland Krakow, Poland Westport, Ireland Westport, Ireland Heidelberg, Germany Heidelberg, Germany Budapest, Hungary Budapest, Hungary Loch Lomond, Scotland Loch Lomond, Scotland Thailand, Khao Lak Thailand, Khao Lak Spain, Ibiza Spain, Ibiza Holland, Amsterdam Holland, Amsterdam USA, New York USA, New York Spain, Gran Caneria Spain, Gran Caneria Iceland, Reykjavik Iceland, Reykjavik England, Bridlington England, Bridlington USA, Florida USA, Florida
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