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Toasties Deli Manhattan New York

The best breakfast in the world - Toasties in Manhattan

One of the things I enjoyed most about New York was the breakfast - yes that's right! Not the skyscrapers, Christmas decorations, or Times Square. It was the amazing breakfast we enjoyed each day at an establishment simply known as Toasties. This deli was simply fantastic and the breakfast was epic! We stayed at The Michelangelo Hotel on 7th Avenue and W 51st Street - we chose not to pay extra for the hotel breakfast as it added a large chunk onto the overall price. Instead, we looked for a local cafe or deli where we could enjoy a tasty brekky with the locals.

Map showing our prozimity to Toasties - literally a 2 minute walk Totally amazing breakfast roll with sausage, bacon, ham and cheese!

The first day we just went to McDonalds and had a McMuffin meal - pretty standard and not really much different from the English version. That night however we searched on Google Places for a local place to eat and we stumbled upon Toasties. It had decent reviews and we checked out the menu too - they serve a range of cold and hot sandwiches made to order. They also have a dedicated breakfast menu with a great choice. You can have a look at the menu and where their other delis are here - http://www.toastiesnyc.com/.

Lauren chomping on her breakfast roll at Toasties

We were a little apprehensive at first as it looked a little intimidating - the place was so busy - everyone else looked like they knew what they were doing. We were just two tourists without a clue! That being said, there was a board with the full menu, and clear signs showing where you order and pay for your food. You could order anything for breakfast; from omelettes and breakfast trays, to filled rolls and pancakes. Furthermore, there is also a fridge section full of juices, bottles of pop and other refreshments.

Pancakes with Golden Syrup, delicious!

So what did we pick? I had the same every day - a roll with ham, bacon, sausage and cheese. Lauren had the same but with egg too. It was divine! The roll was crunchy and the meats and cheese were so tasty - it filled us up for the rest of the day! We also had a coffee each and a carton of orange juice. We spent around $25-$30 each time - I am not sure if this is expensive or cheap - we don't really have anything to compare it too!

Front facade of Toasties on West 49th Street

I honestly looked forward to Toasties each morning - it really was that good! Yes it's not a Michelin start establishment, but the food is excellent - its hearty, cooked properly, and tasted awesome! I am so glad that we found this place and would certainly go back there the next time we visit the Big Apple!

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