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Gardens by the Bay - The Flower Dome, Singapore

Gardens by the bay, Singapore - Flower Dome

The Gardens by the bay was high up on our list of things to do in Singapore. I personally wanted to see the immense Skytrees but as it turned out, the two domes were much more impressive. I hadn't looked into the actual domes themselves beforehand so they came as a welcomed surprise! In this article We look at the Flower Dome - if you want to learn about the Cloud Dome check out my article here.

Flower display within the dome

Getting to the Flower Dome

The Flower Dome is part of the Gardens by the Bay complex - this whole complex can be found to the Northeast of the magnificent Marina Bay Sands Hotel and shopping centre.

MRT stations

We took the MRT underground as we had a station right next to our hotel. I would recommend using the MRT as its cheap, reliable and easy to navigate. The following stops are within walking distance of the Gardens by the Bay:

  • Bayfront - Downtown & Circle lines
  • Promenade - Downtown & Circle lines
  • Downtown - Downtown line

The Bayfront stop is the closest as this is situated right underneath the Marina Bay Sands Hotel. From here its maybe a 10 minute walk to the entrance of the gardens. You can purchase tickets at the entrance for both the domes, but not the Skytree treetop walk.

Transport from Garden entrance to the Flower Dome

The domes are within walking distance of the park entrance - you can walk through the beautiful themed gardens and enjoy the scenery. We were feeling drained from the heat however so we took the shuttle bus. You can purchase shuttle bus usage for 3SGD per person - you can then use this to transport you around the Gardens.

Strange cactus that look like spider legs! More weird and wonderful plants! Small cactus garden with different species Vibrant spiky green plant - no idea what typer it is! Looking down on the Wizard of Oz special display Beautiful pink flower variety Strange leaves and plants in the Flower Dome Beautiful white flowers Can't remember what this type of flower was!! Pink and purple daisies Stunning orange and yellow flowers

Inside the Flower Dome

we expected the flower dome to be incredibly hot - it was actually nice and cool! This was a welcomed break from the sometimes oppressive Singapore humidity. The dome is huge - it really is an impressive structure. There is only one entrance and it is clearly marked - your ticket is checked before you go in.

Weird spiky cactus things inside the Flower Dome

Once inside, you are confronted by a dazzling array of plants, flowers and other strange natural specimen. I love bright and colourful displays of nature so I was in my element. Lauren isn't particularly interested in plant life but she was impressed with the variety and colour too. We could have easily spent hours photographing and admiring the flowers (we did actually spend around 1 hour within the dome!).

Huge circular cactus within the Flower Dome

My favourite section was the cacti - I have a small collection of cacti in my office. There was hundreds of different varieties - so many different colours and shapes. Of course we both had to point out how some were shaped like spiky penis, but who wouldn't?

Gorgeous coloured flowers on display

The rest of the dome was filled with flowers from various different parts of the world. For example there was a Californian section, and a Mediterranean section too. The central attraction of the dome was a sunflower display. There was a heap of different sunflower varieties, and some cool displays based on the Wizard of Oz - they even had a Scarecrow and Tin Man!

The modern and impressive exterior of the Flower Dome

We really did find the Flower Dome fascinating; as you can see from out photography we enjoyed admiring the different flower varieties. Even if you aren't into gardening, you will still appreciate the beauty and majesty of this amazing display - don't miss out on a trip to the gardens during your stay in Singapore!

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