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Gardens by the Bay Singapore - The Cloud Forest

Gardens by the bay, Singapore - Cloud Forest Dome

On our first night in Singapore we scaled the Marina Bay Sands Hotel and viewed this epic city from the observation deck. From the top you can easily see the Gardens by the Bay. The next day, we explored Sentosa Island. On the third day, we finally headed into the Gardens by the Bay to see the breathtaking domes. In this article we look at the Cloud Forest Dome - if you want to learn about the Flower Dome check out my article here.

Exotic plants and flowers in the Cloud Forest

Getting to the Cloud Forest Dome

The Cloud Forest Dome is part of the Gardens by the Bay complex - this whole complex can be found to the Northeast of the magnificent Marina Bay Sands Hotel and shopping centre. Within the park there is the two domes, the Skytree complex, and several restaurants - to see it all we would advise dedicating a whole day to the Gardens by the Bay.

Looking up towards the skywalk

MRT stations

We found the Singapore MRT system to be so easy to use and useful. To get to the Gardens, we just walked for 5 minutes from our hotel (Park Regis) and caught the Downtown Line from Chinatown to Bayfront - this took maybe 15 minutes and cost around £3.50 in total for a return journey.

The following stops are within walking distance of the Gardens by the Bay:

  • Bayfront - Downtown & Circle lines
  • Promenade - Downtown & Circle lines
  • Downtown - Downtown line

If you are worried about using the underground then don't be! All just remember to do the following:

  • 1. Look at the MRT map and find the shortest route
  • 2. Enter the station and find a ticket terminal
  • 3. Purchase a ticket
  • 4. Scan your ticket through a turn-style gate
  • 5. Wait for your train and hop on when it comes

Purchasing a ticket is easy - go to a terminal and click on "station by map" a this brings you a map of the MRT system up. Just click on the station you wish to travel to and then select the number of tickets and trip type i.e. Single or return. When you are through the turn-style, ensure you get on the right train! Basically, the name listed above the platform is the station at the end of the line.

For example, the Downtown line heading towards the Bayfront stop will have "Expo" above the platform - this is because Expo is the last stop on that line. Therefore, all you need to know is the last stop in the direction you are traveling. There are route maps in the MRT terminals to help. I downloaded the official Singapore MRT route planner which really helped too.

Transport from Garden entrance to the Cloud Forest Dome

The Cloud Forest is within walking distance of the Gardens by the Bay entrance. We highly recommend taking the scenic route - you can see some beautiful displays together with some interesting sculptures and pieces of art too. If you have mobility issues or simply can't hack the heat, there is a shuttle bus service too - this bus stops off at several points around the gardens including the Domes.

People on the cloud forest skywalk Man vs. nature, contrast of the cloud forest Strange rainforest plant Strange rainforest plant Strange rainforest plant Beautiful multicoloured leaves in the cloud forest The immense structure of the cloud forest

Inside the Cloud Forest

While the Flower Dome is jam packed full of exotic flowers, the Cloud Forest aims to recreate the specific climate and habitat of Cloud Forest rainforests. The dome is huge - in the centre there is a ginormous structure reaching up to the clouds. Surrounding this structure is a series of gangways that allow you to get up close and personal to the plants.

Ferns and plants in the Cloud Forest

Did I forget to mention that every inch of the central structure is covered in plant life? Moreover, there is a gigantic waterfall that cascades from the very top right to the ground - be careful as you enter the dome as you may get a little wet if you stray too close! As you can imagine, some brave and courageous souls were having their photo taken directly in the falls - we weren't so brave (we didn't fancy getting wet either really!)

Ferns and plants in the Cloud Forest

You can walk around the structure and through some cool gardens - we saw loads pf exotic plants that you would only find in this type of environment. You can then take a lift up to the top of the main structure - we queued for around 15 minutes for this. At the top you can see the top of the waterfall and then start your descent back to the ground floor.

Looking down from the waterfall

We were both amazed by the Cloud Forest - the whole dome was just fantastic. Additionally, it was educational too as around the walkways you could find various information boards about the plants and habitat. At the end, there was also a presentation about environmental damage which we thought was particularly important. If you plan to visit the Gardens by the Bay, ensure that you visit both domes - they are equally as exciting and interesting!

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