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Exploring the Bang Niang Night Market

Bang Niang Night Market, Khao Lak

Before travelling to Thailand I did some resarch about what we could do and see, and on the top of our list was a night market - I was captivated by the idea and wanted to experience the sights, sounds and smells of a bustling outdoor market in Thailand. I had been to many markets before such as the Central Market Hall in Budapest and food markets in Amman, but this would be a totally new experience. So on a warm Saturday evening we hoped in a taxi and entered the Bang Niang Night Market, Khao Lak.

Food stalls at the night market

Location - So where is the night market and when is it held? The Bang Niang Night Market is obviously in.... Bang Niang (makes sense!). The entrance to the market can be found on the main road through the town (Phet Kasem Road) next to the 7/11 shop. There is a large sign at the entrance and you can't really miss it - many taxis also sit outside the entrance on the main road. On a Saturday night the market is really busy which adds to the atmosphere. Some generic info about the market is listed below:

  • Address: Amphoe Takua Pa, Chang Wat Phang-nga 82190
  • Open On: Monday, Wednesday, Saturday
  • Times Open: Mid afternoon until around 20:00 or later
Insects for sale!

Experiencing the Market - As you enter the market the smell of fresh Thai food cooking invades your nostrils and makes you eager to sample some local bites. You walk through a throng of people from a myriad of nationalities and see an array of different food stalls. Seafood, chicken, piping hot spring rolls, sizzling stir fry, delicious noodles and more. You can see vendors cooking their treats, taking orders and trying to entice tourists to take a bite. As you continue to walk through the market, you see a plethora of stalls selling clothing, handmade goods, souveniers, electronics and other items. You wonder if you can make a bargain and succesfully barter with the locals. The market is waiting to be explored so you head on in and join the fray.

Stalls of the Bang Niang Night Market Delicious spring rolls and fried potatoes!

That is in essence the Bang Niang Night Market - at the entrance there is a number of food and drink stalls. Most of the food stalls sell amazing and tasty street food, but there is also a couple of bars and sit down establishments. We had some spring rolls and fried potatoes at one of the stalls and sat down to do a little people watching - it really was fascinating.

Enjoying a Tiger Beer at the Market

After having a bite to eat we then ventured further into the market and had a good look around the stalls - Lauren brought a pretty diary and photo frame from one of the vendors and we also enjoyed a beer at one of the bars at the far end. Although many of the stalls sold similar goods, it was still really interesting to look at all the handmade goods and crafts.

Bars and food stalls at the market

As we walked back towards the entrance, I saw a food stall selling insects - you could buy and eat silk worms, meal worms, crickets and grasshoppers! I was fascinated by this and I ended up buying a bag of fried insects and some silk worm crisps - Lauren was disgusted and she couldn't believe that I had done it haha! We took my delicious treat to a bar nearby and I tried a few of the insects - they weren't too bad to be honest but they were really chewy, you can see my taster video below!

The Bang Niang Night Market really was a fantastic experience and we were so glad that we visited it. The atmosphere was great, the food and drink was superb and the variety of stalls was brilliant. If you happen to be in Khao Lak then we wholeheartedly urge you to pay this bustling market a visit!

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