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Sunrise Camel Ride through Wadi Rum, Jordan

Riding Camels through the Wadi Rum Desert in Jordan at Sunrise

I have done some amazing things during my travels so far and this has to be one of the most memorable – Riding a camel through the middle of the Wadi Rum Desert as the sun was rising is not something you do every day! The whole experience was so much fun and a real highlight of my Jordan trip, and felt more authentic than the Camels that you could ride in Petra.

The barren landscape of Wadi Rum, perfect for a camel ride!

In 2015 I toured Jordan for 8 days with G Adventures and we explored much of the country including Petra, Madaba, Mt. Nebo, The Kings' Highway, Aqaba and Wadi Rum; Wadi Rum was a special place and we camped out under the stars for one night, had a 4x4 ride across the stretches of sand and took a sunrise camel ride. I am not sure what company the camel ride was organised with as G Adventures booked all the excursions beforehand, but the camel herders were locals, knew their stuff and clearly cared for their animals.

The gang all tethered together I think camels are beautiful animals despite the chewing! I'm on the far left, look how cool I look lol....

We woke up early in the morning ready for the experience – I felt a little worse for wear as a group of us had slept out around the camp fire the night before, and although it was a great thing to do, it was cold so I didn't have a perfect sleep. The sun was only just rising so we wrapped up with hoodies and I also wore a scarf. Outside our camp we could see the train of camels lined up and waiting patiently for us to disembark.

Our camels were Dromedary which are single-humped.

One of the camel herders guiding our troupe

Our guides chose our camels for us based on our weight and height (I think!!) and also the camels temperament; a couple of the animals were muzzled as they had a tendency to nibble haha. I have never rode any kind of animal before so this was a totally new experience and I must admit I was a little apprehensive and nervous – What if my camel bucked me off, or refused to move, or ran off from the group! Luckily nothing of the sort happened. To mount the camel I simply climbed on its back and waited for the guides to give it a nudge to stand up – The feeling was weird as they lift one set of legs at a time so you have to rock with the motion to stay on!

My beast of burden, I'm not heavy so he had an easy job

We set off at a steady pace and once we were up I realised that my Camel could not have run off as they were all tethered together to form several independent chains. It was such a pleasant experience and the motion of the camel was really gentle and quite soothing – I could have fallen asleep on its back quite easily and I wasn't scared of falling off at all. The landscape was fascinating – flat plains of golden sand, rocky outcrops rising into the sun, random telegraph lines cutting through the desert, small villages hiding in the distance; I really did fall in love with Wadi Rum and everything had a beautiful warm glow due to the still rising sun. The guides had a couple of dogs with them that were content to run alongside the camels who in turn didn't seem perturbed by their presence at all.

Camel riding in Wadi Rum with the sun rising - Perfect

It was a brilliant experience and I can now proudly say that I have rode at least one animal in my lifetime! If you have any worries, or are apprehensive as I was about riding camels then don't be scared at all – The guides are there to support you and help out, and it is a really wonderful thing to do, especially in such a fantastic setting as Wadi Rum.

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