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British Seaside Must Do's

My "Must Do" list for British Seaside towns!

Seaside towns in Britain, in my opinion are like nowhere else; they have a certain charm that I haven't found elsewhere yet, maybe I am biased? They also have things in common to see and do, which again I haven't really seen in other European coastal towns, maybe I just haven't explored enough of them, but to me, the British seaside town is quite a unique thing. Below are a few of the "Must Do's" that I love doing when visiting towns like Skegness, Whitby and Bridlington. Let me know about your own traditions when it comes to visiting coastal towns!

Eat declicious fish and chips!

Fact – British seaside town fish and chips are made by god himself

I have no idea why chips from a seaside town taste better, but they just do! Maybe it's a psychological thing and we just perceive them to be unbelievably scrumptious, maybe in fact they are exactly the same as the produce from my local chippy down the road? Either way, I love eating chips at the seaside, and it can't be at a sit down restaurant either; I have to have them either in a cone, or a plastic bag or tray to walk around with. If you visit one of the east coast towns like Skegness, Bridlington or Whitby then make sure you sample their chips; have plenty of salt and vinegar, and to accompany I would recommend either a fish cake, or a sausage, or even smother them in mouth-watering gravy, the options are endless!

The dreaded 2p machines!

*Fact – You can, and will win millions of pounds with ease in seaside town arcades (*Actual winnings may vary)

English seaside towns ALWAYS have at least one amusement arcade – Now I am not sure what is considered amusing about them, maybe it is amusing to the owners how much money they rinse out of us on a daily basis? That aside, everytime I go to towns like Skegness and Whitby, I can't help but spend some of my hard earned money on wonders like the 2p machine, slots or grabbers – I know full well that they are rigged, and that I will NOT make a profit, but it's just fun and there is something about the flashing lights and cheesy music that draws me in. If you do go in an Arcade, just remember that the odds are stacked against you, and I would advise setting yourself a limit of maybe £5.00 to have a little fun with.

Play Crazy Golf!

Fact – If you can score a hole-in-one on a crazy golf course, you automatically become a professional golfer

For years and years my family has always played crazy golf at the seaside, I do not know why, but we always have and it is something I have continued to do in my adult years. I guess it's because we have always played sport together and tried to do outdoor activities to keep active. Many British seaside towns will have a Crazy (Or mini, whichever you want to call it) golf course, and if you are not sure what this is; it's basically a miniature version of a full size golf course, where the holes have many fun and interesting obstacles to get past. No matter how many times I play a course, I do not improve – It's not about winning though or getting amazing scores, it's just about having a laugh and some fun and making some good memories. Make sure you ask for a scorecard as a memento, and don't bother enforcing shot limits, just have a blast and enjoy the experience!

Mouthwatering Dinky Doughnuts!

Fact – Seaside doughnuts are possibly THE healthiest snack you could ever eat

Why do Seaside towns provide so many different tantalisingly unhealthy treats!!! Together with chips, dinky doughnuts are the other food I always have to consume when at the seaside. Dinky basically means small, but most of the doughnuts are not small, what they all are though, are delicious! Drenched in a sticky coating of sugar and piping hot, there is nothing more satisfying than walking on the promenade with a white paper bag full of these mouth-watering treats. Most vendors will sell either single doughnuts or 3-5 for maybe £1.50 or close. If you go to a seaside town and they do not sell dinky doughnuts, turn around my friend and walk away!

Take a walk on the Beach

Fact – In England we have perfect weather continually, so a walk on the beach will be a pleasant ordeal

Most British seaside towns will have some form of beach, even if its full of pebbles or seaweed – I love the sea air, and being down by the water and feeling the spray of the water on my face, it's quite invigorating and refreshing. Some beaches will stretch for miles and I just enjoy strolling along the sand at my own pace, maybe picking up a few shells or stones, or dipping my feet in the water, or even taking a bat and ball to have a game of tip-tap. Even if the weather is not too great, it's still nice to just wrap up with a warm coat and have a walk. One thing I will probably never do however, is to have a swim in the sea; British seaside towns are NOT known for their warm waters!!!

So there you have it, a little bit of insight into the British Seaside town and what makes them unique and enjoyable for me. There are plenty of other things to do too, but these are my personal favourite, and I hope I continue to enjoy day trips to the coast for many years to come - It is an amazing experience.

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