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Cocodrillo or Crocodile Park, Gran Canaria

Cocodrilo park, Gran Canaria, Spain

During our stay at the Lopesan Meloneras Hotel in Maspalomas, Gran Canaria, myself and Lauren wanted a trip out and something different to do other than sunbathe (The sunbathing and relaxing was nice though!) – We looked at the various activities and trips and settled on the Gran Canaria Cocodrilo (Crocodile) Park. It looked interesting, and good value for money and we could conveniently book tickets at the hotel.

A Snake hides in the greenery

Tickets – Tickets can either be brought from your activity provider at your hotel or simply at the entry booth on arrival. Prices as of July 2016 are listed below:

  • Adults: €9.90
  • Kids: €6.90

The prices were extremely good value for money for what you got to see and do, and for a cheap and entertaining outing, this is a no brainer.

A Chicken strolls through the straw

Getting there - There is a free shuttle bus that runs to the Crocodile park, it has many pickup points, one of which was the Maspalomas bus station which was literally 5 minutes walk from our hotel. The collection time was 10am and you cannot fail to miss the bus – It has a huge Crocodile on it and clearly says Crocodile Park. The journey took around 50 minutes in total, maybe only 40 on the return. When you buy a park ticket they also give you a bus ticket for your return journey. If you have a hire car there is plenty of parking and the address is Ctra General Los Corralillos km 5.5 Agüimes 35260.

There were many varieties of Bird and Parrot

About the Park - The Crocodile Park is actually a rescue centre, so when looking around at the animals, remember that although they are not free, most of them have better lives now and have been rescued from illegal trafficking operations and worse conditions. The people who work here do an outstanding job and have helped a lot of animal's live better lives.

One of the many Crocodiles!

Exhibits - There are a wide variety of exhibits, all of which are covered by lush walkways and shaded by palm trees etc. The path takes you past turtles, Alligators, small animals like Guinea Pigs and Mice, Monkeys, Baboons, Snakes, llamas, Deer, Tigers and much more. All the exhibits have information boards in Spanish, English and German giving facts about the species in general and in some cases why the animal was rescued.

Crocodile face-off!

There is also a spacious Avery with species of birds including beautiful coloured Parrots and Cockatoo's that squawk happily as you pass them by. Furthermore there is a large Crocodile enclosure – You can get quite close to these magnificent creatures and be wowed by their sheet size and ferocity. We literally walked over one of the bridges and failed to notice the huge Crocodile lurking underneath – Its huge head and razor sharp teeth were poking out from the shadows. We both really enjoyed the animal enclosures and were impressed with the variety.

A beautiful Red Parrot poses for us

Crocodile Show - As set times there was a live show at the special Crocodile amphitheatre; the amphitheatre had a semi-circle of seats and a large open area with many pools, rocks and vegetation. Inside this was around 15 large Crocodiles! The keepers stepped into the enclosure (With no protection or anything!) and gave information about the species and mating habits etc. They also fed the Crocs – It all looked very dangerous as the beasts snapped their jaws and moved in stealthily for their dinner, but I'm sure the guys knew what they were doing and it was extremely entertaining.

A giant turtle plods slowly along

The Crocodile Park was a pleasant surprise – Due to the low ticket prices we weren't expecting much, but it turned out to be a really fun, interesting and entertaining day out! A highly recommended trip if you are staying in Gran Canaria.

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