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Blair Atholl Castle and Gardens

Visiting the Blair Atholl Castle and Gardens

On the second morning at Blair Atholl we decided to walk through the grounds and visit the Castle and Gardens (There is access to the castle from the grounds of the caravan site). The castle and grounds are open to the public and the entry fee per adult is £19.00 plus an extra £4.00 for parking (Prices correct as of May 2016, I think it was cheaper for Children and Seniors but not 100% sure).

The River Tilt flows past Blair Castle
  • Website – Blair Castle
  • Parking – On Site - £4.00
  • Price – Castle & Gardens - £19.00 per adult
  • Location – PH18 5SR (Entrance up from the Caravan site entrance

If you are staying in Blair Atholl or Pitlochry then you cannot pass up the chance of visiting the grounds, there is something for everyone – If you love history you will be intrigued by the artefacts kept in the castle, and it's change of use of the years, while if you love the outdoors then the gardens are serene and provide a beautiful space to wander through.

A Cannon outside Blair Castle entrance

The Castle – A place full of history and ancient relics

The "castle" actually looks more like a stately home but I believe that bits have been changed over the years so it is nothing like it's original inception. The actual buildings are surrounded by various woodland and gravelled areas next to the river Tilt and every hour or so, there would be traditional bagpipes played next to the two cannons – I really love bagpipe music and made a couple of videos (See below). The castle is finished in a brilliant white colour which makes it stand out and unique compared to over grey stone castles.

There has been some form of a castle at Blair Atholl since the 1200's

The magestic Blair Castle

Once inside the castle you enter a reception room that is covered in wood panelling and has an eye-watering amount of weaponry – I love looking at old weapons so it was a real treat for me, there were swords, axes, spears, pikes and hundreds of different muskets and rifles – Unfortunately you are only allowed to take photos in the ballroom but the displays rooms are just so detailed and gorgeous to look at.

Queen Victoria stayed at Blair Castle and it was here that the Atholl Highlanders were formed

There are several rooms available for viewing and you can simply walk around at your own leisure – There are information sheets written in several languages giving you the history of the room and also the items inside it. I found this extremely interesting and it was the little things like an invoice showing how much some mahogany chairs cost to produce, and knowing that the Lady's in the house hand crafted the seating covers that made the experience more enjoyable.

The beautiful grounds of Blair Castle

For someone who enjoys history and learning about the ins and outs of a stately home/castle, Blair is an amazing place to visit and you could spend a whole morning just looking at the displays inside the house.

A Cannon outside Blair Castle entrance A huge spear on display in the ballroom A War Drum on display inside the ballroom The ballroom, highly decorated Fentimans - The best Cherry Cola in the world! Walkway to the Hecules Gardens Ponds in the Hercules Gardens Sundial (Not sure how to use it) Daffodils in the Hercules Garden

The Hercules Garden – Bursting with colour and charm

As well as the Diana Grove which hosts a wide variety of imported trees from Canada etc, there is the Hercules Garden which is contained within a wall and is a great place to wander through in pleasant weather. The garden entrance is located across the river from Blair Castle next to the car par – Simply walk across the lower bridge and it is sign-posted.

The Hercules Garden and pools

The garden has a beautiful entrance lined with trees and vegetation which leads up to the walls and old iron gates. Inside, there are sweeping hills and a large pool in the middle dotted with several islands and "peninsulas". Each part of the garden is named and at each end there are two small buildings with information boards and photos of the garden.

The Hercules Garden gets its namesake from the Roman divine hero Hercules and there is a statue erected of him half way at a dip in the outer wall

When we walked through the gardens the sun was out, there was a slight breeze and it was just a pleasure to spend some time in the outdoors admiring the beautiful arrangements. All in all we thoroughly enjoyed Blair Castle and I would definitely go again if I was in the area.

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