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Driving through the Kings Highway in Jordan

Following the ancient trade route of the Kings Highway

In March 2015 I spent 8 days touring Jordan with G Adventures, we visited Petra, Wadi Rum, Aqaba, Madaba and some other great places. There was a great deal of travelling during this trip, and the most memorable journey for me was along the Kings Highway – We had around a full 7 hours of driving to complete in the day to reach Petra with several stops on the way; this journey would have been gruelling had it not been for the spectacular scenery we sped past on the Kings Highway and I am so glad we got to travel on this awe-inspiring trail.

Scenery on the Kings Highway

The highway itself originates from ancient times going right back to the Iron Age when states such as the Moab and Ammon used it as a trade route. Going forward, the Nabateans who built Petra continued its use to transport such luxury goods as frankincense and spices from Arabia, and then after the Muslim conquest of Jordan, it was used as the main route for the Hajj pilgrimage from Syria to Mecca until the Ottoman Empire was established. Today it is followed by Highway's 35 and 15 and connects Irbid in the north, to Aqaba in the south.

Spectacular scenery and winding roads

The highway runs through many canyons and valleys and thus creates an extremely winding and curved road – Our mini bus would trundle down the side of one valley, winding its way through the hairpin bends, only to surge up the other side of the valley and slowly make its way up the tight corners and overlapping roads to reach the top. It was really fascinating and definitely an interesting road to travel on – I could not imagine myself driving on it however; I think the urge to treat the roads like a racing track would be too great for me!

The Moab valley, on the route of the Kings Highway

I remember feeling the excitement build as Ayman our tour guide announced there would be some interesting scenery coming up on our right –As our vehicle pulled up to the viewing spot the whole landscape of the Moab Valley opened up in front of us. If you are travelling this route, make sure you stop at as many points as you can just to take in the scenery. It really was spectacular; the land was carved out and the patterns and lines etched into the sides of the valley were beautiful. I have seen some amazing landscapes, but the scenery along the Kings Highway was something else, so barren, rugged and desolate, but full of colour.

More fantastic scenery on the Kings Highway route

I won't lie, I did have a small nap during the drip so I did miss some of the sights, but for the majority of the journey my eyes were glued to the roadside and I videoed much of the ride. We even got to drive across a huge dam which was really cool. Below are a selection of videos that I took whilst driving through the Kings Highway, I wouldn't bother with the sound as it's quite windy, but hopefully you will gain a good idea of what the scenery was like, enjoy!

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