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My top bars and clubs in Ibiza

Ibiza - The party capital of the world

Ibiza is a small island in the Mediterranean, owned by Spain and part of the Balearic island group. It is renowned for its Dance Music scene, epic clubs and all day partying. In September 2014 I went back to the island for 4 days of sun, fun and music, having not visited since 2000 - The occasion was my dear brothers stag party - A royal send off indeed!


There are countless bars and clubs to choose from in Ibiza - So many legendary venues and hot spots to party the night away at. I let my brother choose the places we visited - He is a seasoned Ibiza veteran so I trusted his judgement - He didn't let me down! Listed below are my favourite bars and clubs from my trip, but first I'll share a few important pointers:

  • Most of the bars & clubs are located in either San Antonio or Playa De'n Bossa
  • San Antonio and Playa De'n Bossa are on opposite sides of the island - Plan accordingly
  • Most of the clubs stay open until the morning and the best DJ's don't play until then
  • Drinks inside the major clubs will be 10 Euros plus
  • There is no real dress code anywhere - I wore mainly shorts and vests

Cafe Del Mar - San Antonio

What more could you want than enjoying an unparalleled sunset while having a nice refreshing drink and listening to some quality chilled out house music? Cafe Del Mar offers just that - Located in San Antonio and facing the sea, people flock to this legendary bar to witness the amazing sunsets.

Sunset at Cafe Del Mar

I loved the style of this bar and the views across the sea - It really was beautiful and watching the sunset was something special, I believe it is a must do when in Ibiza - Yes you can see the sunset anywhere in the world, but it's not quite the same as at Cafe Del Mar.

Bora Bora Beach Bar - Play De'n Bossa

Wow! That is what I thought when I stepped into Bora Bora beach bar - It's just a cool fun place with an amazing vibe. Located on the opposite side of the island to Cafe Del Mar, Bora Bora beach bar is in Play De'n Bossa and is close to Space and Sankeys. For me Bora Bora was the epitome of cool - Great music pumping out, people dancing the day away on the beach, tables and dance floor, and everyone just having a great rave.

Bora Bora beach bar, Play De'n Bossa

The bar also serves food and we enjoyed a meal there on the Sunday - the quality of the food was spot on and the prices were reasonable - I paid 15 Euros for grilled chicken and chips. Bora Bora is a great place to use as a pre-bar - We went there in the afternoon on the Sunday, before heading to Space which is literally 5 a minute walk.

Space - Playa De'n Bossa

Space is one of those epic clubs that people go mental for and it's easy to see why - With a capacity of 5000, a line-up of well known DJ's and an amazing sound system, Space is the Mecca for electronic music lovers. It is one of the best known clubs in the world and I had so much fun there on it's flagship night "We love...." - The dance floors were rammed, the music was thumping and we danced to a hardcore set from DJ James Zabiela until 6am in the morning.

Space is located in Playa De'n Bossa and you can buy tickets on entry - We opted to pre-purchase tickets online weeks before to get a cheaper price - Our combined ticket for Space and the Zoo Project was £70. It's really easy to get tickets for the clubs anywhere infact, pretty much every bar sells them and there are countless reps on the streets selling them too. Drinks are the slight let down - You are looking at 10 Euros minimum for any kind of drink, and that's just water etc, for mixers like Vodka and Lemonade your looking at 15 - If you want to get drunk, start well before you enter the club!

The Zoo Project - San Antonio

The Zoo Project is not some bizarre animal experiment, it's an outdoor music event in an old Zoo! Located on the outskirts of San Antonio, the Zoo Project is not in walking distance of any other clubs or bars - You will need a taxi, but 99% of the taxi drivers will know where it is. It opens at 16:30 and closes at 12:00 Midnight - If you want to continue partying after you will have to get a taxi back into San Antonio.

The Zoo has various different dance floors and enclosures including the "Seal Pit" which is an amphitheatre with a pool at the bottom where dancers go. It has a unique feel and is not like any other event I have been too - Everyone had cool face and body paint on to make themselves look like animals. It actually rained on the Saturday that we were at the Zoo Project - Don't let this put you off, this actually made the night for me; there was something extremely cool about dancing in the rain and not caring about getting wet (That was until I fell over in the car park and nearly broke my ankle).

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