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Liebster Award

What is a Liebster Award?

I have found various definitions for the Liebster award, but the recurring theme is recognition of bloggers and to welcome them into the blogging world. Urska nominated me and I would urge everyone to check out her blog entitled "Endless Roads" - She has a special talent for photography and has visited some amazing places - I loved her photos from the Serengeti in Tanzania. Thanks for the nomination Urska - It's great to know that someone appreciates my work!

Urska's Questions

1. Why did you start you travel blog and what's unique about it? I started "Have you Packed the Camera" as a personal diary/record of my travels and photography so I had a visual memory to look back on - Sometimes I can get so caught up in the photography and experiences that I forget to actually step back and appreciate what I've done! I also want to share my tales and photos with other like minded travellers and learn from them in return.

2. Is there a destination or a single travel event that really changed you? Earlier this year in March I plucked up courage and did my first proper solo trip - It was only to Bruges in Belgium, but I loved every second of it and it had a great effect on my confidence - I made an effort to talk to people at the hostel, indulged in the things I wanted to do and generally had an amazing time. I now don't have to worry about finding a travel buddy, and it's spurred me on to book my dream trip to Antarctica.

3. Is there a destination that you wish to never visit? Can't say that there is! There are places I am not so bothered about seeing, but I would never rule anything out!

4. Do you collect anything on travels? Is there something that you always bring home with you? Yes! I collect key-rings - My car key's look absurd mainly because you can't see them due to all the key-rings! I also bring back any tickets and programs from places I've visited like museums and famous sights - I print out my photos and decorate the photo albums with these mementos.

5. Have you ever attended a famous festival while travelling? No :( Best thing I can come up with was seeing David Guetta perform a DJ set in the nightclub Pacha when I went to Egypt - That was a crazy night, I danced, I drank, and I nearly had a fight with an irate Egyptian!

6. Is there any particular sport you like to do while travelling? I always play Basketball if I get the chance - I've played it since I was 7 and can't resist the urge to shoot some hoops if the opportunity arises. I usually get some funny looks as I'm only 5ft2, so not your typical basketball giant immersed in the clouds.

7. What's the funniest experience from your travels? That has to be my first night out in Reykjavik - I went with my best mate Ant, we knew Iceland had a reputation for being expensive, and good lord we went all out and proved that hypothesis.... We literally threw away over half our holiday's budget on booze in one night. It was such a good night though, drinking our cares away in a strange new country, staggering back to the hotel, destroying the toilet, oh and getting on a Whale watching trip the next morning hungover to hell - Needless to say we were looking slightly worse for wear, and took it in turns to look for Whales while the other slept.

8. What's the weirdest / dirtiest place you've slept in? Boringly enough I havn't really slept in any strange places at all!

9. Who's the most interesting person that you met on your travels? Asides from me? When I went to Budapest in April we met a girl at the airport; she was amazing, had led a really interesting life and had some great stories (She had been Donald Duck at Disney world??!), I must admit I think I actually loved her, but I didn't even ask her name, so I couldn't even Facebook stalk her! What an amateur mistake!

10. What did you learn while travelling? Is there any tip or advice that you can share? I have learned that human beings are generally kind, helpful and friendly - So many people are scared of travelling because they are afraid of people! It's ridiculous, of course there are bad people; people that want to do you harm or would take the shirt off of your back, but they really are a minority. Have faith in humanity, have faith in the good nature of people, and most of all have the courage to live your dreams.

I nominate......*drum roll*

Chris & Heather from "A Brit and a Southerner" I love their articles and photography from England as I can relate to many of the places they have visited. Website link

Fernando Panduro from "Travelling with Fernando" I got talking to Fernando and found out he shares the same like for Dance music and festivals, he has also done a cool "spinning around the world in 360 video". Website Link

Adelina from "Pack me to" Another talented photographer who has great advice and experiences, especially about European cities. Website link

My questions

  • 1. Why do you travel?
  • 2. What was the first foreign country you visited?
  • 3. What is the scariest experience you have had while travelling?
  • 4. What is your favourite and worst method of travel and why?
  • 5. How do you prepare for a trip?
  • 6. Have you ever travelled solo, if so, what advice can you offer?
  • 7. Name your single most exciting travel experience to date
  • 8. Which is your favourite continent, and why?
  • 9. Do you think you will ever stop travelling, if so, what will you do instead?
  • 10. What makes you visit a particular destination?

Thanks - I look forward to reading your answers!

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