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Photo of the Day - 16.01.14 - Empire State Pigeon

Photo of the day - 16.01.14 - Empire State Pigeon

A pigeon poses for me on the 86th floor of the Empire Sate building

On my second day in New York I went up to the 86th floor of the Empire State Building - the view was spectacular and there were so many photographic opportunities and different buildings and objects to look at.

Sometimes photography is about a great deal of luck sprinkled with a little patience - For this shot I was extremely lucky that the pigeon happened to be sitting right on the stone next to me; and I patiently waited until it turned its head to take an inquisitive look! To be truthful I didn't even realise pigeons flew up there, so it was a great surprise when I saw this little fella.

To me, the pigeon is saying either "If you take one more photo, I'm going to fly off this ledge, and take a dump on your head!" or "How quaint, a tourist with a camera, now that's something you don't see up here too often..." Feel free to leave a comment with your own caption and let me know what you think of the photo, enjoy!

Posted by Paul on 16.01.14

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