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Thats the best kiss you'll ever get lad!

Swimming with Dolphins in the Caribbean island of Tortola

Pucker up love, your about to kiss a Dolphin! Easily the highlight of my Caribbean trip in 2011 - this is one of the must do events that I'm so pleased and privileged to have done. If you ever get the opportunity to swim with Dolphins then don't miss out!

We had stopped in St Thomas in the US Virgin Isles and had already pre-booked our Dolphin excursion through tour operator www.dolphindiscovery.com. Full of anticipation and excitement we joined the other tourists (mostly loved up couples bleugh :p) and got on the boat to the small island of Tortola (At first I thought they said Tortuga and nearly clattered my pants in excitement!). The boat trip was rough, there's no other way to describe it - generally, Caribbean seas are calm, today they were not! The little boat hit every single wave with full force and we were jostled around heartily, eventually we reached Tortola and the real fun began!

Tortola Tortola

Under the heat of the Caribbean sun we greeted our friendly tour operators and geared up for the water (life-jackets, I had to have a kids size haha), I caught glimpses of the enclosure and at this point my excitement was boiling over! We split into groups and had a short introductory lecture about these wonderful sea mammals before heading into the water.

And there they were! Beautiful Dolphins swimming around the enclosure, such an amazing moment seeing them up close and in their element. There elegant movement through the water makes humans look terribly uncoordinated in comparison. The handlers had the Dolphins do various stunts for us and explained about their anatomy, eating habits and personalities (They didn't stop eating fish!) which we found extremely interesting.

Synchronised jumps! Awwwww cuddles with my slippery friend

We then had some awesome interactions with the Dolphins including a Kiss, a hand shake (flipper shake lol), leading them round in a circle, feeding them fish (slimy but fun), and then a couple of high octane stunts such as the Dorsal fin ride (two Dolphins pull you along by their fin through the water!) and the Superman (treading water and suddenly two Dolphins race behind you, pushing you out of the water and into the air!). I can tell you now there is nothing like it! The anticipation while I was treading water in front of the whole tour group, and then suddenly feeling the powerful rush of the Dolphins as they launch you out of the water was unforgettable. The interactions were so much fun and the Dolphin experience was one of the best i've had to date - we had nearly an hour in the water and our tour package was upgraded to the best spec for free; Dolphin Discovery is a top tour provider and we would recommend them to anyone.

The eternal embrace - Man and Dolphin Go on my son! Just make sure your shorts don't fall down!

By far the most enjoyable tour of my travels so far - A must for anybody, even if your not that interested in marine life.

Posted by Paul on 26.10.13

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